At Balloon King And Queen, we’re committed to helping you host the perfect parties and events to have fun and create lasting memories, and that commitment extends beyond our delightfully creative balloon decorations and party decor. We know how hard it can be for organizations to find a space for their corporate events and fundraisers, which is why we’ve opened up the party room at our Columbia headquarters for you! 

Exciting, Hassle-Free Events In Our Party Room

Our Columbia party room can hold up to 50 guests and is well-suited for small- to medium-sized gatherings. We’ve happily hosted birthday parties, corporate events, breakout sessions, and other fun events in our party room, and we particularly enjoy working with fundraising groups to help them put on memorable, successful events for their donors. We can help you create the perfect space for your event, whether that means handing you the keys to the room and leaving it to you or helping you plan artful, exciting party decorations. Just give us a call to get started, and we’ll work with you to ensure you host a successful, memorable event.


  • $85 an hour (Four hours minimum) tables and chairs only; decor not included.
  • $450 (Eight hours) tables and chairs only; decor not included.
  • $650 All-Inclusive Rate: This is a great way to get the most bang for your buck! All you need to do is show up and party. We handle the decorations for you.

You can also choose our All-day access rental, which includes 7 tables with tablecloths, up to 50 chairs, 5 balloon centerpieces, 2 balloon columns, 5 balloon ceiling hangers, and a throne chair (when available). All balloon decor is standard and designed by our staff; all you have to do is let us know what colors or theme you’d like!

Food, Drink and Alcohol Policies

You are welcome to bring in outside food to feed your guests, however, Balloon King And Queen are not responsible for the food or drink provided by outside vendors or catering services. Alcohol is not permitted due to the nature of our business.


When renting our party room, you automatically receive 60 minutes prior to the start of your event for set-up, as well as 60 minutes past the end of the event for tear down. The start and end times for your event are as stated on the Rental Agreement Contract we have rental clients sign. You may purchase more time for your event, if there is time available. However, your purchase of additional time must be added to your contract and paid in full within 7 days of your event.

Deposits, Fees & Cancellations

All rentals require a $200 non-refundable deposit due when booking time in our party room. The balance is due within 7 days of your event unless otherwise stated in the rental contract. There is also a $100 cash deposit that we will need presented on the day of the event when you receive a key to the party room. The $100 cash deposit will be returned after a walk-through inspection has been completed after your event and all areas have been cleaned within 48 hours. We will discuss the time to retrieve your deposit when giving you your key to the party room.

Discounted rental rates may be available for 501(c)3 organizations with proof of status.